Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to take on a pro head-to-head? Well, Brent Chapman is offering anglers around the country the chance to test their skills against him in a new web-series called Pro vs. Joe. The series has just wrapped up the filming for Season Two.  Special thanks to all the great sponsors who make this happen;  Plano, Frabill, Bass Pro Shops, Livingston Lures, Maxxis Tires, Sportsmans Protein Shake, Power-Pole, Garmin, Pitbull braided line cutters, Fulton Performance, and Bass Quest Magazine and Livingston Lures.

The contest is simple and much like any two buddies going fishing for the day might have. There are three categories: first fish, big fish and most fish. The two anglers fish head-to-head from the front deck of Chapman’s boat with basic tournament rules. While the pilot episode had no minimum size limit for the fish, all subsequent episodes do have a minimum length of 12 inches for the fish to count.

How did the Joes fare? Well, Chapman is unwilling to let the results out of the bag at this point, but he did offer the following, “I don’t win as many as I would like.” That’s understandable since, while it is a competition, the two anglers generally work together to figure out how to catch fish. Chapman explained, “It doesn’t take long for the other guy, either the Joe or myself, to make a change to a bait that is working.”

What makes it different

What makes Pro vs. Joe different than the other fishing shows is that this show can be viewed on the Pursuit Channel, TuffTV, online at ProvsJoe.com, or on YouTube.com. With such a wide variety of ways to see the show viewers should be able to see it how they most enjoy fishing shows. Chapman said, “Now that we are on two television networks, one with a wide range of channels including DirectTV, Dish Network and most cable outlets (Pursuit Network), and another with a large digital airwave (TuffTV) presence viewers from coast to coast can get our show right on their big screen TV. With YouTube.com we offer viewers the ability to watch the show anywhere. They can stream it to their big screen at home or watch it on the phone while on a layover at an airport; it doesn’t matter where they are, they can watch one or all the available episodes.”

How Joes are selected?

Joes are selected from challenges sent in from anglers all around the country. For the first two season, Chapman has had over 9000 challenges. Chapman said, “We wish we could take them all, but we can’t. However, we do look at each and every challenge to see which ones match up with our travel schedule and which Joes sound like they would make the best fit. Of course, a challenge video is always a plus, but several of our challengers didn’t submit a video, so it’s not mandatory.”

What’s next?

Chapman plans to start filming earlier next year, starting in February and filming into the summer months. “We’d like to use our travel schedule as a guide to where we will be shooting upcoming episodes. For instance, we (Elite Series Anglers) have a week off between the Florida event and the South Carolina event. This is a perfect opportunity for us to take on one or two challengers somewhere between Florida and South Carolina. However, we aren’t opposed to making a separate trip to somewhere off the beaten path if it looks like a good challenge.”

Brent Chapman’s Pro vs. Joe officially released the first episode on November 2, 2015. Season two kicked off on the Pursuit Network in March of 2017. Both seasons are available on ProvsJoe.com or Brent Chapman’s YouTube.com page following the shows initial airing on the Pursuit Network. All episodes will remain on the website and YouTube.com for the foreseeable future. As Chapman put it, “The Joes, their kids and families and even myself and my family will be available to watch these episodes 10 years from now, probably longer.”